Change and your choice

Change begins with intolerance.

The next step is the choice on how to channel the energy that comes with that intolerance.

Do you spend it in anger and complaining?

Do you ignore it, hoping it goes away while you watch TV?

Or do you channel it into taking action to make things better?

The choice is yours.

(I wrote this post last night and went to bed. This morning I woke up and realized that I missed a step.

Frustration is the first signal that something may need to change. When the frustration build up enough “energy” and reaches intolerance, then you can make the choice on how to apply that energy.

When I’ve mentioned this idea to people before, I’ve seen the connotations around the word “intolerance” lead people to think in terms of “big” (i.e. big frustrations, big energy, epic world change, etc).

That makes sense, but it doesn’t have to be the case. Think of a piece of paper on the floor. You pick it up because of some tiny spark of frustration/intolerance that comes up saying “that’s not supposed to be there”. It wasn’t a big deal. Didn’t require life changing “vows” or affirmations. It was simple change that started with a simple spark.

I think there are some cases where larger changes are proceeded by larger frustrations and high powered “intolerance” and this leads me to ponder the reasons “big frustrations” weren’t tackled when they were small.)

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