EA "Take Two Not A Strategic Priority"

Not that you should believe everything you believe, but www.gamesindustry.biz just posted an article full of quotes by Jeff Brown from EA.

I know Jeff, he’s a good guy and a master at public communication. He also makes some very clear comments (if he was quoted properly) about EA’s mindset about Take Two.

“Take-Two is just not a strategic priority for EA.”

“We think [Take Two’s studios are] really great teams, that they’re creative people, and we would very much like to give them a home and access to our publishing capability, but we just don’t need it.”

Sounds like EA is moving on to “other opportunities”, especially with his comment about all the new IP in development.

Still, developing new successful IP is much harder than simply buying currently successful IP.

Also, there’s still the question of how EA is going to quickly grow revenues another billion or two billion dollars. (Maxis & Spore to the rescue?)

If the Take Two deal does fall through, there should be some interesting acquisition news in the next month or two.

Everyone knows that EA always has multiple irons in the fire right?


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