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Game Design: “Too many minds”

“Too many minds” That was the advice to Tom Cruise’s character in “The Last Samurai” as he kept getting beaten while training with wooden swords against other samurai. His failure was caused by his internal conflict – too many thoughts and emotions – he was fighting himself and his opponent at the same time. I […]

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Ideas are a dime a dozen

It’s fun to talk about games. It’s fun to talk about making games. In the end though, talk is cheap and “Ideas are a dime a dozen. Execution is all that matters.” Here’s an example from a different creative field (painting) to illustrate. Let’s say you had the idea that the image of a woman […]

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Game Design Reviews: Flying cars and other lame feedback

Imagine being invited to a “feedback” session where a car manufacturer wants to hear your thoughts on your favorite car. How valuable do you think your participation would be if your big idea was “you should make a flying car”? Doesn’t make sense does it? Oddly enough though, this sort of “cool but useless” feedback […]

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