Harvest FarmVille Crops from Your Phone?

One of the cool things about creating FarmVille for Zynga is to see all the different places it shows up.

We’ve heard about people playing it during parties, at sporting events, in  bars, etc.

Nokia did a product demo for their new phone and used FarmVille as an example to show off their browser.

Check it out! (time 1:55). FarmVille on Nokia phone.

Couldn’t tell how well it runs, but Nokia certainly knows how to get people’s attention when showing off a phone. 🙂

Access FarmVille from Zynga here.

One Response to Harvest FarmVille Crops from Your Phone?

  1. Gabby Mijares November 24, 2009 at 1:14 pm #

    how could i get farmville on my phone? i have an LG Neon.

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