Making a game “just for the money”

I wrote at general note about the difficulties of doing something “just for the money” and giving the advice to follow your passion.

I think this goes double for making games. If you’re making a game “just for the money” chances are it’s not going to be very good. I believe the product is a reflection of the team that made it and if you’re just there for the pay, it’s likely that your game will feel uninspired and “lacking” to players. Whatever the case, you’ll be fighting against 3 natural force that will make it harder to create a fun game.

I also know that by the time you launch it, you’ll probably hate your game with such passion that supporting it after launch will be a non-starter.

Here’s the blog post with more on the point. Save yourself some “life time” and give it a read. I wish someone I knew and trusted explained this to me 30 years ago.


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