My Next Adventure!

Hello everyone!

Last fall, after 7 hard charging years of a roller coaster ride that was Zynga, I decided to take some time to recharge, relax, reboot and reconnect with my family. My original plan was to spend a year looking for my next adventure; starting by looking for good people with similar values doing work that excites me every day.

I spent 4 months meeting with great inspiring people from around the world; seeing new perspectives and getting first hand perspective on how a few of the most successful companies in the world make game. I also met with old friends who are working new things.

This amazing experience recharged my batteries to 110% and one group one in particular swayed me to end my planned vacation much earlier than expected.

To that end, I’ve decided to spend my time focusing on the game industry in India, working with Moonfrog Labs and all the great talent across the country to create a “Center of Excellence” for game making.

This won’t be much of a surprise to my friends who know me. The seeds of this story were planted in 2009, when we reached out to friends in India to help us watch the FarmVille servers overnight while we slept.

The story continued to unfold when in 2011, I was lucky to be invited to India to speak at the NASSCOM GDC and to spend time Zynga’s Bangalore studio. During that visit, I was inspired by the smart, creative and motivated game makers I met including the team that would eventually leave to create Moonfrog Labs, in Bangalore.

Flash forward to late 2015 when speaking at GamesBeat, I was invited again to speak at NGDC in India where I reconnected my friends at Moonfrog Labs who were busy on their mission to create great games by creating a “Center of Excellence” for game making there in India.

Needless to say, I’m stoked to be part of Moonfrog’s mission. In my career, I’ve been fortunate enough to have learned from and been mentored by some of the greats of the industry like Brett Sperry, Louis Castle, Bing Gordon, Luc Barthelet, Don Mattrick and numerous super very smart people on the teams I’ve worked with.

Joining Moonfrog on their mission means making great games and also an opportunity to “give back” by helping and mentoring smart, creative and hungry game makers like others did for me.

Let the adventure begin! 🙂

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