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Game Design: How to Make A Game

Since I get the question a lot, here are the really simple steps for making a basic game. 1. Know the Game Pieces a. List all the “game pieces” the player touches and interacts with during play. b. Describe the game board where the pieces “sit”. 2. List the Player’s Goals a. List the goals […]

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Sparks of creativity

Nurture small sparks of creativity and you can change the world…or at least the face of gaming like FarmVille and other social games have.

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EA "Take Two Not A Strategic Priority"

Not that you should believe everything you believe, but just posted an article full of quotes by Jeff Brown from EA. I know Jeff, he’s a good guy and a master at public communication. He also makes some very clear comments (if he was quoted properly) about EA’s mindset about Take Two. “Take-Two is […]

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