Thinking about the next 25 years

I’ve been posting a fair amount about “thinking deeply” on Facebook recently. Part of what I’m doing right now is sorting out what I want the next 25 years to be like for myself. While 25 years might seem like a long time, I know from experience it can go by in the “blink of an eye”.

I believe in the “write it down” theory of making plans, if for no other reason than you can look and see that you’re not on track. Couple that with what I learned from Bing Gordon when planning for the future is to write down “what good looks like”.

While I don’t have the full 25 years figured out yet, here’s the near term version of my narrative as of today. It’s a start and I’d love to hear comments and feedback.

“What good looks like for me”

I wake up in the same house as my family.

After breakfast and working out, I take the short drive to the office, excited and thinking about how we’ve got a well-oiled machine creating exciting features and games.

I like the fact that we’re building a company that has the same cool reputation and customer loyalty as Virgin America and that we’re creating long term valuable IP that people love as much as Disney/Pixar products.

I also like that we’re always building long term business success and taking care of business day to day.

When I get to the office, I review the business and community summaries from the day before, sending notes on any questions I have to the leaders of the products. Next I do a quick check on progress toward the week’s priorities.

The rest of the week is made up of crisp fun interactions and discussions with the team leaders and our experts around new features, production updates, people development and long term strategic direction.

I’m excited because I have time to share about our studio and products as a spokesperson at conferences and time to take vacations with my family, knowing that I have the processes, staff and leadership in place to handle anything that may come up in my absence.

At the end of my day, I feel good and drive home thinking about all the cool things we have coming up, knowing that my time has been well spent and that we’re all meaningfully participating in experience and the rewards life gives for creating great things.

I go to sleep knowing that the work we’re doing on a daily basis is about building a bigger and better future and more value for the world going forward.



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