Time for my next adventure!

Time for my next adventure!

In 2015, I left Zynga and set off to find my next adventure with 3 criteria for what I would do next: Wake up excited to go to work every day, work with great people and live with my family.

After touring the world meeting with wonderful industry leading companies, I surprised many people by sharing that my next adventure would be working with Moonfrog Labs in India. This was the start of 2 years of amazing, eye opening fun.

During my time in India, I’ve met and worked with some special teams and true film industry talent developing products recognized for setting a new quality bar for games built there in India. Add to these, all the motivated students and educators I’ve met who I know will shape the future of the game industry there.

I’ve had a chance to see firsthand the uniqueness that is India, the warmth of the people, and the challenges of daily living as I watched the country take its early steps in the digital economy and connectivity revolution.

Over the last year, I started seeing that my excitement and enthusiasm at the “once in a lifetime opportunity” of India’s smartphone game market was leading me to spend more and more time in India and away from Texas. I couldn’t avoid the realization that I was breaking my promise to live at home with my family and I knew I needed to make a change.

After a series of discussions with friends and family and the other directors at Moonfrog, I made the decision to put my family first, taking the leap of faith to leave Moonfrog in order to find a new adventure closer to home.

The opportunity in India is even more clear than it was two years ago when I joined Moonfrog and I’m still invested in their success going forward. Working there has been a great adventure that I will always treasure and I wish the team great success in the future. I will be cheering for you guys from Texas.

Now, I’m off to my next adventure. 🙂

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